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Don Bosco Mini-Grid

The Don Bosco Mini – Grid is a quite complex PV installation. The purpose of this system is to provide reliable and renewable electric power for the entire Don Bosco Campus in Ashaiman / Tema.

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The main PV installation is located in the Power Room of the Don Bosco Solar and Renewable Energy Center. In addition to this system we have on the Hostel and the Container School PV modules which feed this Mini – Grid with SMA Grid Inverters. In our Chapel we have installed a Studer PV System with BYD Batteries which is also connected to the Mini – Grid. One PV System is installed in the Provincial House. This system is connected as a standalone system, connected to the grid. First of all it will serve the demand of the Don Bosco Community and the offices located in the building. In case the batteries are full the PV modules will feed in to the Don Bosco Mini – Grid. When the power demand in this house is too big and the capacity of the installed batteries are not sufficient it will take electric power from the Mini – Grid and the batteries located in the Chapel and the Power Room.


Street Lamps

The demand for solar street lamps is continually rising. The benefits associated with solar street lamps include reduced dependence on the convectional energy, conservation of energy and reliance on the national grid.

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In Ghana, we are lucky to experience abundance of sunlight, solar lamps are the best option to illuminate the street, homes, and other public spaces


Training in Micro Grid installation

Don Bosco solar and renewable energy centre has given an “Advanced training in solar micro grid installation. The time duration of this training was for 120hrs
(Three weeks training program) for African teachers and installers.

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This training program aimed at upgrading their knowledge with new technologies and spread their knowledge to their students and apply it in their installation time. Main topics of this training was; • Installing and programing different types of Grid inverter, inverter/charger, GX, Charge controller, battery, battery management unit. • Installation of PV • Installing Smart meters and ZigBee’s • System remote controlling